Solis Tractors Sussex, Surrey & Kent

Sussex, Surrey & Kent’s Fastest Growing Compact Tractor Brand


Welcome to the online home of Solis Tractors Sussex, Surrey & Kent. With a superb range of brand new compact, utility and CRDi tractors, Solis Tractors Sussex, Surrey & Kent is based just outside Pulborough just off the A29

With a burgeoning reputation for competitive pricing, reliability, power and efficiency, Solis is becoming the preferred tractor manufacturer for more people across Sussex, Surrey & Kent, every day.

With its buoyant equine and farming communities, Sussex, Surrey & Kent is the natural home for one of the fastest-growing tractor manufacturers in the world today.

Smart, powerful and affordable, Solis Tractors boast three-year warranties, full TMR compliance and road registration eligibility across the range.


Solis Tractors Sussex, Surrey & Kent supply domestic and commercial customers alike around the south east, fulfilling a wide range of requirements.

The Solis 20 / 26 range, the best value compact tractors on the market today, are agile, strong and versatile. Powered by 3-cylinder Mitsubishi diesel engines, the 4WD Solis 20, 26, and 26 HST are perfectly suited to a wide range of operations.

Ideal for use on small farms, golf courses, sports grounds and construction sites, the powerful, low maintenance, easy to use Solis 50 is our stunning utility model. The Solis 50 is capable of a multitude of tasks, ranging from digging and ground preparation to mowing grass and hauling logs or hay bales.

The Solis 50 is available in four different specifications – the 50 2WD, 50 2WD with A/C cab, 50 4WD and 50 4WD with A/C cab – making this brand new, great value utility tractor a machine for all seasons. This hardworking, user-friendly utility tractor is getting the job done across Sussex, Surrey & Kent for many delighted customers every day.

For those tasks that need more muscle, the 75CRDI and 75 Narrow offer exceptional performance. Boasting best in class hydraulic capacity, these comfortable, easy to use tractors offer extraordinary value for money. The 75 Narrow edition is slender and agile, making it perfect for use in vineyards, orchards and other spaces where only a slim, nimble tractor will do.